Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My very talented friend, Chantal, was brave enough to take on a photo session of my and my sister's kids together. It was no small task, but she did an excellent job. Here are just a few of the best shots.

This post is a little bittersweet for me because my sister and her family are moving to Oklahoma on Saturday. We've been extremely blessed to live so close to one another most of our adult lives, and anyone that knows us knows that K and I are closer than the average sisters. They came to Texas shortly after we did, and bought a house about five miles from us. We got jobs in the same school district and attended the same church. We were pregnant together TWICE, and have firstborn girls and secondborn boys only months apart from one another. I got to keep my niece and nephew while my sister worked part time, so we have a very special and close bond. They are moving closer to both sets of grandparents and it's a wonderful opportunity for them, but it's really sad to see them go. Our lives won't be quite the same without them. I hope that R is ready for some serious miles on our car, because I see quite a few trips to Oklahoma in the future!

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David and Bethany said...

Oh! These are just so sweet!