Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nine and Ten

Month nine was a lot of fun! The weather was great and R had some extra days off work, so we spent a lot of time outside. We went to the pumpkin patch twice, the zoo, and took lots of walks. Bug wore his Tigger costume to Chuck E Cheese's and rode his first ride! He really started moving around "army style" and is interested in wheels. We tried a sippy cup this month, but he's still working on getting the hang of it. His list of foods continues to grow, and now includes Cheerios, zucchini and yellow squash. He's eating more finger foods than puree, which is much easier for Mommy! He is nearing 20 lbs, so Dr. Z told us to start looking for a bigger car seat. I was able to find a convertible, and I think he really enjoys looking around. It's funny to see him sitting up in the car like his sister. This boy still has such a happy and easy going personality - he charms anyone he meets!

spinning wheels (this is one of his favorite things to do, and has gotten him into trouble a few times!)

Yeah, Mom, those toys you put out are great, but look at this wipes box!!!!

Chillin' at the zoo

First ride at Chuck E.

Nine months (Why yes, my Mom DID make my shirt) :)

Bug's tenth month brought a LOT of firsts! It started off with Halloween and baby dedication at church, continued with his first mini vacation to Austin, and ended with Thanksgiving. We were still struggling with the sippy cup when he managed to get ahold of Tink's cup and drink the entire thing - of course. After a trip to the store for straw cups, he's doing much better with drinking from a cup. Bug also tried quite a few new foods this month! Both pancakes and waffles were a big hit (of course), as well as yogurt, beans, and mashed potatoes (you can't have Thanksgiving without those!) He got another haircut, courtesy of Nana (now totaling three) - this boy has my Grandad's thick hair! He also spent the weekend as an "only child", got lots of attention from Grandma and PaPa, and had his first guitar lesson. He's still rocking the army crawl, which suits him just fine. He's also going through a "Mommy's boy" phase - he's happy with just about anybody as long as he can't see or hear me. If he can, none other will do! I must admit that I like it just a little, but what Mom doesn't? :)

See Mom, I need a straw!

Captain Destructo

first guitar lesson

Austin Children's Museum

Ten Months

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