Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Isn't it strange how your relationship with your mom changes once you become a mom yourself? I had no idea how much love, time and effort went into raising me! My mom stayed at home with us when we were young, and I have wonderful memories of playing pretend, watching movies, and listening to records with my mom. I hope and pray that Tinkerbell will look back on her childhood with fond memories of homemade play-dough, The Sound of Music, and unconditional love - love you, Mom!

My parents were here for the weekend before leaving on their Caribbean cruise, so we got to spend Mother's Day with them. R was super sweet to surprise me with flowers, a great purse that I had my eye on, and cleaning the kitchen after lunch (the best present a mom could ask for). I was bummed to send everyone off last night, but am focusing on our upcoming trip to Switzerland - five weeks to go!
PS - Tink took her first steps last week and has been climbing onto the furniture by herself. . .
Three generations of girls
My sweet Mother's Day roses
No idea. . .
Watching the rain

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