Monday, March 9, 2009

11 months

Tink was 11 months last Friday, and I've been so busy trying to keep up with her that I can hardly sit down to post an update! We didn't visit the doctor this month (thank goodness), so according to our bathroom scale, she weighs about 18 lbs - no forward facing car seat for this girl's first birthday :) She has four teeth and is diving in to anything we'll give her, which recently includes ground beef. I'm really nervous about giving her meat for some reason, but she seems to like it and does a pretty good job chewing, so I'm working on getting over it. Her favorite things to play with are coasters and tupperware lids (why do we buy toys?), but she's also into anything with wheels. R seems to think she needs a brother so that she can play with his cars and trucks, but I'm perfectly fine with buying her a few cars of her own for now :) She's cruising along the furinture and walking with help, so I'm working (unsuccessfully) at keeping shoes on her feet. She's also dancing constantly, even when we're in a store and she hears music in the background. Naturally, her favorite thing to watch is Jack's Big Music Show. I must admit that it grows on you, even if you have "I'm Gonna Catch You" stuck in your head all day. We're hoping to find the DVD before we leave for Oklahoma on Thursday. Birthday Party plans are in the works, so check back soon for a full report :)

11 month pictures

Playing the Piano

"Wonder what these taste like. . ."

What are these?

Hi, Daddy!

Look at me go!

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