Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nesting like crazy!

The nesting phase has officially begun! We spent the entire day today reorganizing the kitchen, which included our enormous pantry! I have attempted to organize this huge space several times, but managed to talk R into purchasing MANY black mesh baskets so that things can truly stay in order. We also emptied out all of the cabinets, filled two donation boxes of gadgets and containers that we don't use, and re-stocked everything with room for bottles and other various "baby" things that I'm sure we'll aquire. I am so proud of our work in the pantry that I just had to share it with you. . .yes, I openly admit that I am a crazy pregnant woman :)

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David & Bethany Rinn said...

It looks great! Way to go! Having an organized and clean house is the best feeling--I'm glad at least you agree with me on that! ;)